The Practice

We currently have two clinics;

the Fryeburg Chiropractic & Wellness Center  

is right on Main St. in scenic Fryeburg Maine and

the Bridgton Chiropractic & Wellness Center is located on South High St., across from the Bridgton hospital entrance.


My background

I was born the fourth of five children.  My late father Nunzio, was an Italian immigrant and the owner of a successful construction company.  I was blessed to work with my dad from the young age of 14, and along with other strong mentors in my life, I learned the true meaning of hard work.

After graduating from Chiropractic School; excelling in the arts and sciences, I decided to enter a career to help ensure true health and wellness to the people in my community. In June of 1998, I began my Chiropractic practice in Fryeburg, ME, and for the past 18 years, have grown the clinic to one of the largest in New England and recently opened the Bridgton Chiropractic & Wellness Center.  I became a chiropractor in an effort to help families live the healthiest and highest quality of life possible. I continue to practice with passion, total commitment and hard work.  I care for you and your family, as I would care for my own. Many of my patients would tell you that I am an honest man with a great outlook for living and a warm personality.  Additionally, I am proud of my motivational speaking, convictions and love of chiropractic care, as it is paramount in everything I do.

I live in the beautiful town of Fryeburg and am happily married to my wife Denise.  We have two sons, Jared (16) and Liam (15), along with our devoted, lovable cockapoo “Emma”, and rescue cat “Jack”.

Anyone who is interested in living a healthier life, please call and visit the clinic in beautiful Fryeburg Village, and begin to love the best part of the rest of your life!

~Dr. Joe

” I do whatever it takes, travel any distance and pay whatever price to give my service of  love.”  Dr. John DeMartini  

Patient Testimonial 

 “A miracle has happened on that September day”… Approximately 10 years ago, I suffered an injury to my back.  The injury itself was a bit of a mystery as we couldn’t identify the cause.  Several doctors’ visits brought no relief.  In conversations with Dr. Joe, he made several attempts to assure me that he just might be able to help me.  After many discussions, I decided to try a visit, and on September 4th 2013, I received my own “special miracle”.   I have been seeing Dr. Joe 3x a week since then and have had amazing results.  I found that “miracles” do really happen!  Chiropractic care takes away my discomfort and gives me much better relief.  What a difference Dr. Joe has made for me; time, time, time is on my side, YES IT IS!

p.s. I just can’t thank you enough for making this miracle happen for me.
M.E.W., Fryeburg, ME

After working out for a few weeks and getting an aching back, I almost gave up until I decided to take a chance on visiting Dr. Chisari’s chiropractic office to see if an adjustment would help. Please know that I got immediate relief from the first adjustment and this is the best place to go before you give up on working out.

J.M., Stoneham, ME


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