Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an adjustment?

    The specific application of force introduced to the body with the goal of removing either direct of indirect pressure from the nervous system; nerves or spinal cord.

  • Do they feel good?

    The body gets a lot of relief when adjusted.

  • Can I adjust myself?

    Not without Chiropractic Training, locating misaligned vertebra requires a scientific approach.

  • What is the difference between manipulation and adjustment?

    Manipulation is to increase or balance ROM (range of motion) and to decrease pain. The adjustment removes nerve interference permanently, through a series of adjustments

  • Frequency of adjustments...Why?

    Frequency depends on severity of the subluxation (misalignment with nerve pressure) different phases of the condition i.e.
    Acute = increase frequency of visits, Chronic=decrease frequency of visits, Wellness/Prevention = decrease frequency of visits.

  • Do adjustments treat injuries?

    Yes, adjustments do treat injuries, however, manipulation does more so, because it addresses range of motion and pain. Nerve pressure is usually when the initial injury goes undetected/undertreated, requiring adjustments.

  • What is the popping noise?

    Nitrogen and oxygen built up in an encapsulated ligament of the vertebrae or ribs. Surprisingly to most patients, the noise or pop is clinically insignificant to whether or not you are correcting a subluxation.

  • Can you have adjustments if you have spinal disease or spinal surgery?

    This is one of the biggest misconceptions today. The answer is absolutely yes! A Chiropractors training allows him to determine specific techniques to use and regions to avoid after surgery; which will prevent the need for further surgery.

  • Can I adjust other people?

    No, it is unsafe with no training and can cause significant problems if you are not professionally trained.

  • What is our office procedure?

    Exam, Report of Findings, Treatment Plan.