3 Types of Care

1.  Initial Intensive Care:  Relief care and initial Vertebral Subluxation Complex Care.  The goal is to eliminate or reduce your major compliant as well as stabilize your Vertebral Subluxation Complex.  This requires frequent visits (several times a week) that may continue for weeks to months.

2.  Reconstructive Care:  Designed to porvide optimum healing of the funstion of the spione, associated tissues, and organ systems.  This helps prevent the original problems from returning.  Visit frequency varies; usually it’s less than Initial Intensive Care.  Months to years.

3.  Wellness Care:  Increasing your wellness for a lifetime.  The decision to begin this kind of care is made once your spine has recovered as best it can from the possible permanent damage that may have occurred prior to care.  Visit frequency is based on individual needs and is less than Reconstructive Care.  Wellness Care is for a lifetime.

Your next step

For those of you who wish to become a patient of this office, we see your next step to be your first step, receiving your very first chiropractic spinal adjustment and beginning your exciting journey to a healthier you and a healthier world.   By giving  up the interferences that prevent you from expressing your inner potential; by giving up all that you are for the possibility of what you might become~a healthier, happier, and more loving expression of life on thsi planet.


You are now a part of the informed minority – Tell the uninformed majority

My Repsonsibility

To provide the facility and the time to educate and care for all the poeple in the community

Your Responsibility

Keep your appointments

Bring in your family

Refer patients to our clinic


Prenatal:  Chiropractic is a safe and effective method in the case of the human frame during pregnancy.

Pediatric:  Children have spines too!  If you believe that Chiropractic Care is important in maintaining the health of the back and nerves, let’s start check ups at birth.  We believe in giving the best we can to our families.

Orthopedics/Sports Injuries: With childhood athletic injuries, the adage of ”wait and see’  is simply not good enough.  Our children/Our Future!

Interferential  Therepy:  Is an electric modality with system control in the forefront.  It is non-medicinal, nor systemic it will reduce and elimiate chronic, acute pain, inflamation,  scar tissue; locally to the area of concern/complaint.

Radiographic Studies: