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“My teenage son has experienced difficulty with asthma his entire life.  We had tried medications and inhalers with limited positive impact, and some behavioral and academic negative impact.  His asthma caused him to cough all night long, every night.  There is not one night of his life that I have not listened to him cough throughout the night.  Dr. Chisari suggested that there was some potential relief for my son with a Chiropractic intervention.  I was wary of this, and although he explained it to me clearly, and it made perfect sense, I am not sure how well I could explain it to someone else.  Nonetheless, we proceeded with the Chiropractic intervention, and my son stopped coughing the very day of his first chiropractic adjustment.  He has had follow up appointments with his medical doctor, and at this point, six months after his adjustment, he has been off his asthma medication for four months.

Thank you, Dr. Chisari,  for your proactive approach to your profession.  It has had such a positive impact in my son’s life!
S.D., Conway, NH


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